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Spano Masonry Services!

Serving New Jersey for over 25 years and experienced in a
large variety of solutions, we are perfectly suited to meet
your Masonry and Hardscape needs.  If you are looking to
transform your house into a dream home, or just trying to
make some design upgrades, Spano Masonry is your #1
choice.  Our significant experience in this area has given
us the knowledge and expertise to know who the most
trusted partners are to work with.  Everything from
Outdoor Maintenance, to Landscape Design and Home
Construction..........we'll get you where you need to be.
So let's break it down, what does Spano Masonry do?
In short, we do indoor and outdoor stone work, construction, and
excavation.  Our work enhances the natural environment, beautifies
your home, and encourages the luxury of outdoor living.  Here's a
short list:

  • Stone Walls and Archways
  • Pool Decking, Patios, and Walkways
  • Chimney's and Fireplaces
  • Driveways, Aprons and Curbing
  • Stone Benches and Tables
  • Outside Barbecues and Fire Pits
  • Pillars, Steps and Foundations
  • Stone and Brick Veneers
  • Kitchen Gardens

We will provide and work with your choice of stone and materials, as
well as a comprehensive selection of plants and landscape supplies.  
Call us today to find out more, we're ready for your call.

Spano Masonry..........Experience the Difference.
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Quality, Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed.                                                                                                        Call:  (973) 895 - 0066
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